Welcome to Singparatech.com

The Singha Paratech Public Company Limited is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors upon wood flooring products, serving both domestic as well as foreign markets, with great emphasis upon the exports to the EU, Canada and the US.

The company's wood flooring product lineups would be merchandised under the brand "SINGHA PARKET". Our major products could be divided into 2 major categories:

   - Engineered wood flooring products
   - Hardwood flooring products

The engineered wood flooring products has well served as the company's major product that we manufacture and distribute.

The very newest and advanced technology is used to develop a fully automatic line deliver from Germany which guarantee a top quality with precise milling square edge and high performance surface treatment.

We have strong determination and goal to become the leading manufacturers of high quality wood flooring products. To ensure high quality delivery, we were granted the ISO9001:2000 certified with great and efficient human resource endowments.