SINGHA PARKET consists of 3 layers of different wood. Raw materails for the 3 individual layers are carefully selected from wellknown supplier all over the world. The wear layer is solid hardwood in thickness about 3.6 mm minimum. Solid wood is our core that gives you maximum performance in tongue and groove levelling as well as a rotary cut backing veneer with 2 mm thickness and it's Pine

Good and reliable wooden products always atart from the right drying. We have installed the most advanced technology to achieve this purpose and our 4 Klin dry rooms will surely serve this serious job. By each step of processing process, we store all wood in our controlled humidity room to keep moisture content stable at require range before finishing at our UV-finishing line that give you 6 coats on surface and 1 coat at the back for maximum strength and durability.

Wood pattern of the 1st layer

1. General pattern
    Invisible joint pattern
    Double-board joint patern
    Triple-board joint pattern
2. Singha Line pattern

Characteristics of associated installation system

1. The tongue and groove system
2. The Singha 'UNICLIC' system

All available in Hevea nature, Hevea stain colours, Oak, Merbau, Beech, Maple, Ash, Teak and etc.