Singha Paratech Public Company Limited is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors upon wood flooring products, serving both domestic as well as foreign markets, with great emphasis upon the export to the US, Canada and the EU.

We were officially established on 1994 with the originated registered capital of Baht 59 million with the great support from the Board of Investment (BOI). We are managed by a group of professional executives who have been well experienced in the industry. This hence allows us to become one of the prominent manufacturing companies of high quality wood flooring products by having ISO 9001 : 2000 from WCS Southeast Asia. We were registered as the listed company with the stock exchange of Thailand by December 19, 2003 with the registered and paid up capital of Baht 320 million. The main office and manufacturing facilities are located within a site encompassing more than 63 rais at the Phromburi district, Singburi province.